It is a breeze to get into the Elevate Bathtub it is perfectly at chair or wheelchair height. This is the safest and most efficient tub on the market. If you have a walker the best way is just to walk right up to the tub and sit down. It really is that easy. For caregivers you would just pull the door up as far as you could and still be able to reach in and give assistance. If no assistance is needed you can always pull the door up all the way and go for a deep soak. The Elevate Bathtub being at chair height alleviates the problems of having to bend over for a long period of time and straining the back. There is no lifting just drain the tub and walk right out or sit straight into a chair.

chair height bathtub


The sprayer serves a dual purpose. One, to quickly and easily rinse the patient of soap or even shampoo and conditioner out of the hair without having to lean or be uncomfortable. Second, the sprayer can be used to clean any remaining residue after a bath to ensure cleanliness.